Industry specific measurement tasks, know-how and technologies

EMKOMETER is the leading manufacturer of flowmeters and level indicators in the Czech Republic. With successful history of thousands of measurements realized in the past 30 years all around the world we are ready to provide reliablestate of art devices for your applications. We are specialized in development and manufacture of these devices also forextreme environment conditions such as high temperature, pressure, explosive atmospheres and corrosive substances.

EMKOMETER is also a manufacturer of pressure vessels, orifices, nozzles and corresponding accessories.EMKOMETER offers a wide range of flowmeters including rotameters, electromagnetic flowmeters, paddle typeflowmeters, orifices and nozzles and various flow switches. The products are used in chemical, mining, oil, paper, food,automotive, maritime and metallurgical industries, as well as in water industry, power plants and many other areas.

As one of the major industries along the globe, demands for instrumentation are high. We have a long-term record of applications in both flow and level as well as temperature and pressure measurements.The typical challenge is chemical resistance in combination with explosion environment. As one of the main instrumentation vendors we are able to face typical challenges and offer innovative solutions for every customer.

Significance of this field of industry went up with EU regulations on fuel policy. Since there is a compulsory proportion of renewable source in consumer fuels there is a high demand for this product.We have a long-term experience ranging from VA flowmeters, EM flowmeters and various level transmitters in this industry.

The challenge in food and beverage industry is to provide devices that are suitable for the highest hygienic standards. This involves special process connections (e.g. CLAMP) , material specifications  (SS304L) and certification. Corrosion resistance is also crucial in some applications (e.g. batching of Acetic acid).

As mining is one of the most demanding industries there is a combination of factors needed to be considered. One of them is presence of explosive atmosphere / dust. There are special procedures for design and manufacturing of equipment to be followed.We are able to fulfil requests of mining equipment manufacturers including custom design of the flowmeters into their existing designs. Cooperation with NoBo in explosion proof design is necessary.

One of the main industries worldwide. Without Oil and Gas there would not be enough power to keep our economies running.Crucial part of this industry is instrumentation and control. We are able to provide complete solutions in terms of flow and level measurement as well as temperature and pressure.Common challenge is explosion proof execution of the devices as well as high safety integrity level implementation.We have developed our products based on applications in domestic Oil & Gas industry and have applicated the same principles worldwide.We are supplying our devices to main refineries and producers in Europe and worldwide.We are a proud supplier of MND ( , Gazprom ( , Orlen ( and many others.

Quite a challenging industry in terms of flow measurement. We have a set of proven instruments and methods of measurements of flow and level in key applications.We are a proud supplier of Mondi (,

There is only about 2.5 % of water resources on the earth usable as a fresh water.With increasing population and industry water is becoming rare in the future. Waste water treatment and water supply treatment is becoming more important than ever.We have a large group of products serving this industry needs. Ultrasonic level meters, Parshall channels and electromagnetic flowmeters form a basis of instrumentation required.Water is one of the most important commodities and our devices help to conserve it for the future.

Energy market experience a long-term growth. Partially it is given by growing economy as well as ecological tendencies in automotive industry.We are able to provide solutions both to conventional thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, water power plants as well as some renewable sources of energy.